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Forex Tips - How to Avoid Scams When Choosing Forex Trading Systems

If you surf the internet, you will come across plenty of sales page selling various forex products, with lots of hype. I know there are many forex trading systems out there in the market and every product seems to claim that they can make big money in a short period of time, without too much capital, it is very easy to use and anyone can do it without any knowledge in trading.
But after people bought the products, then they realize it's all marketing gimmicks and then the search for better forex trading systems begins again. So to help you guys, I have some forex tips that can help you avoid scams in your search for the best forex system.
1. Look Out For The Forex Trading Track Records
Although this seems common sense, but there will still be forex traders buying a forex trading system without looking for the track records first. If that is so, then there is no wonder why they lose. Please don't be attracted by the claims like: 'near 100% success rate', 'earn your first million in 2 years trading forex', 'forex training that can give you financial freedom ever' and many more.
Look for the real time proof of the forex trading system because vendors will try to cheat by using a track record on a hindsight (they already know the closing prices), so look for a trading statement that they are trading daily.
2. Look Out For The Largest Drawdowns
Any forex strategy will have a drawdown and it's a matter of whether it is small or huge. This means that your trading account will experience a drop in value or margin which is in floating losses but yet the trade is still opened. Although the losses are not realized, but we should be looking for a forex trading system that gives you as little drawdowns as possible, a guide will be around 5% - 8%.
Depending on the system's trading strategy, the drawdowns may be days, weeks or even months, so you will have to make sure that you are comfortable with those down swings.
3. Are You Comfortable With The Trading Timeframe?
This is a very important factor to look out for in a trading system. If you are working all day with very little time to trade the forex market and you purchased a trading system which requires you to monitor several times a day, then you are simply wasting you money.
What's the point of having a good system but yet you have no time to trade and make profits? So if that's the case, you might want to look for some systems that will allow you to trade but only have to monitor maybe once per day...and this type are mostly swing trading strategies. So be anxious to find out timeframe is the forex trading system operating on first.
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Friday, 18 June 2010

What is a Forex Trading System That Will Make Money?

A Forex trading system is defined as being a group of specific rules or parameters used by traders to identify entry and exit points to trade.
Incorporated with money management and automated trade placement with your broker, the Forex trading system can be completely automated. Most Forex brokers offer MT4 (meta trader 4) platform in which to trade, making it possible for anyone to create a winning system, and put it on autopilot. And if making your own system sounds like too much pain and hard work, you can simply buy one (or a few) of the many automated Forex trading systems that are available for purchase and download. These are generally known as Forex Trading Robots.
Unfortunately, if you plan on relying on someone else's trading system, then your fate, (or at least the fate of your account) will be completely in the hands of a complete stranger! You would want to make sure they know what they are doing and have covered all the necessary parameters in their trading system.
At the very minimum, the Forex trading system should include:
1. Entry rules that provide a high probability of choosing the market direction correctly 2. Exit rules that convert the high probability entries into 'money in the bank' 3. Sound money management system
1. High Probability trading is only the start of a well oiled Forex trading system... NOT the be all and end all... Yes it is important to have a system that can trade successfully but it is not necessary to have all your trades as winners.
It isn't even necessary to have most of your trades as winners. Given the laws of probability, it is highly likely that given enough trades, you will choose the direction correctly 50% of the time. I know traders that choose the direction correctly less than 40% of the time, but still have a trading system that returns a profit in the long run... and if you're wondering how still, read on for more insight.
2. Exit rules... now this is the second most important part of your winning Forex trading system. Once you're in a trade, knowing when to exit. You see, in an ideal world you would want to leave your trades on long enough to capture the majority of the move on winners, and get quickly out of losing trades. If you can do this, then you'll be well on your way to having a Forex trading system that defies the odds that 90% of all traders will lose all their accounts... And accounts of $1000 or less will be wiped out within the first 3 months!
But doom and gloom aside, knowing your exit strategy before you enter a trade is a very important part of any successful trading system. If you could let all your profits run until the move is finished, and all your losses cut short and sweet, you will be well on the way to making a fortune trading the markets.
3. Money management. A parameter of this importance seems to be a bit out of place at the end of an article! But your ability to impose correct money management strategies on your system will be the difference between success and failure, rags and riches, extreme wealth and extreme disappointment. To define exactly what a good money management system is beyond the scope of this article, but needless to say, I recommend that you start creating your system based on money management, and not entry points (like so many terrible Forex trading systems do).
The biggest disappointment in the Forex trading business is seeing the high number of automated trading systems (Forex robots) that are based solely on entry and give little thought to making an algorithm that is sophisticated enough to let profits run and cut losses short. And most give little recognition to the fact that it is money management skills that turn in the profits in the long run.
The Forex trading strategy you choose to employ as the pillar of your trading system is the difference between success and failure. It is surprising then that 90% of all traders will lose all their accounts within 0nly a few months.
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Friday, 11 June 2010

Free Automated Forex Trading Systems & Signals Reviewed

Tired of spending money on expert advisors and forex trading robots that don't work? What if you could trade dozens of profitable automated forex trading systems without spending hundreds of dollars? And what if I told you that you could do it for free?
These automated online trading services allow you to evaluate and trade hundreds of trading systems and signals for forex, stocks and commodities. Unlike those expensive EAs and robots that promise extravagant returns but lack real trading results, these trading systems are backed by live trades and real-time forward testing.
The signal providers are compensated through commissions paid by your broker, so in many cases there are no additional fees. If you have a profitable trading system, you can submit your own trading signals and collect commissions and fees from other users' trading.
You can trade as many systems at a time as your account balance will allow. You can reverse trade unprofitable systems and turn them into profitable ones. With the click of a mouse, you can backtest an entire portfolio of systems. You have full control over lot sizing, number of trades and stop losses.
All of these services are fully automated and require no software. You can start trading with a mini account from several of the largest forex brokers, including FXCM, FXDD and Forex.com.
ZuluTrade is the largest automated forex trading service, with over 1500 signal providers and thousands of live accounts. Although many of those signal providers are inactive or unprofitable, the most profitable ones return an impressive amount of pips, and there are hundreds of profitable systems to trade!
Browsing and analyzing systems is simple. An equity curve graph is conveniently provided, and basic stats including profit, max drawdown, win percentage and number of users are available at a glance. Full trading histories are available, and trades placed on live accounts are indicated as such.
ZuluTrade provides some useful tools for controlling risk, such as the Margin Call-o-meter, which warns you when your account is over-leveraged. Risky signal providers are marked as such. Lot sizes can be limited by system, by currency, or for the entire account.
There are absolutely no fees with ZuluTrade. Supported brokers include FXDD, FXCM, Forex.com and i-TradeFX. A free 30 day demo is available.
Collective2 bills itself as "the trading system authority," and aims to become the online destination for automated trading systems. This community-oriented, Web 2.0 site boasts slick, innovative features found nowhere else.
Collective2 features the most in-depth statistics of any service we've reviewed. Basic and advanced stats, customizable graphs, a dynamic portfolio builder, and live trade histories are available. You can read reviews of trading systems from real traders and track their performance.
More than just forex, Collective2 has trading systems for stocks, futures and options as well. Many systems require a recurring fee to use, but most forex systems allow free autotrading through a participating broker. Currently the only brokers available for free trading are FXCM and Forex.com.
While there are some very good forex systems available for free, as of this writing there are less than 50 profitable forex systems. But Collective2 has raised the bar for automated trading services, and is definitely a site you should check out. Registration is free.
This broker-supported online automated trading service is marketed as FXDD Auto and FXCM Forex System Selector. Both require a seperate account with the broker. The interface acts as your trading terminal, and you can easily place manual trades as well as control automated ones.
The trading systems on FX-Auto are hand-picked for profitability, so there are fewer poor-quality trading systems than on other services. Trading systems are sortable by currency, which is helpful in diversifying your portfolio.
The system statistics are basic, but sufficient. FX-Auto does not offer historical trade data for its trading systems though, and the equity curve can only be viewed after a system has been added to your portfolio. Unlike the other services reviewed, FX-Auto does not allow you to place trades from an external trading terminal.
Minimum deposit requirements are higher than for a typical mini account: $500 for FXDD and $2000 for FXCM. Despite its disadvantages, the trading sytems offered by FX-Auto perform well, and live support is available directly from the broker. A free 30 day demo is available.
For more information on these automated trading services, as well as advice on choosing profitable, low-risk trading systems, please visit
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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

How to Search For the Best Forex Trading System?

Finding the best Forex trading system for oneself can be quite a tedious task especially if one does not know how to go about it. Nevertheless, however difficult it may be, it is not impossible either. All one requires is a lot of patience and time - then sooner or later he is sure to come across the right system.
One can start the search for the right trading system from the Internet. Once you start reading about Forex you'll come across numerous trading systems all claiming to be the best Forex trading systems. If you are a beginner in Forex trading training then probably the Forex forum would not be the perfect way to make a head start.
Now you may ask - if not the Internet, then what? Well! There are other ways too that can help you locate a good Forex trading system. Let us see one more method through which you might be able to find a great system.
Price - A Good Way To Locate A Trading System?
Traders have always used the price to trade anything in the stock market. So unless you understand the importance of price and go through its minute details your understanding of the best Forex system is not complete. Only after you understand the movement and the action of the price can you become a successful trader. Even the best and the most expensive trading system are of no use if you do not understand the importance of price. So locate a simple price chart to help you be a successful Forex trader.
Once you have understood the importance of price for trading Forex, you can go ahead and pick a trading system from the various ones available on the Forex websites. Forex education is at an all time high today and there are many online Forex trading platforms that provide demo accounts and tutorials for a beginner to practice on. Once you have grasped the fundamental requirements of Forex trading you can simply make the transition from using demo accounts to using real money.
Try and pick a Forex trading course that is simple for you to understand and provides a step by step learning approach. Also remember to tighten your grip on the tricks of the trade before you jump into read trading. Develop some strong strategies to help you develop a more logical and practical approach to Forex trading.
Things To Remember While Picking A Trading System
You would require a Forex trading system only when you finally start trading on your own. A trading system is a mechanical system that would help you keep a track of the market and assist you by setting off its indicators when profit is seen. Look for the following elements in the system to ensure that you are picking the best Forex trading system for yourself:
The profitability record
Ease of use
User friendliness
Support system and guarantee
Cost vs. Benefit ratio
If you are able to locate a trading system that incorporates all of the above, you can be sure that you have picked up the best Forex trading system for yourself.
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Monday, 7 June 2010

Automatic Forex Trading Systems

Forex trading has become the number one daytrading choice for investors in recent years. This is primarily due to the recent introduction of automatic or automated forex trading systems. Automatic or automated forex trading systems allow your trades to be made at any time of the day (or night) completely independent of your input.
The Forex market is a market where the currency of one country is traded for the currency of another country. This currency trading happens around the clock with trillion of dollars being transacted everyday, making it the largest and most lucrative financial market. Since the advent of the internet and sophisticated automated forex trading systems, participation in the forex market is now open to anyone having a computer, an internet connection, a forex brokerage account, and a good trading platform.
A market that was once only open to banks and other big financial institutions is now open to even the smallest of investors. This required constant monitoring and, since the global forex market is open day and night, it was not possible for an individual investor to monitor the foreign currency exchange market all of the time. The market moves quickly and dramatically and, if a position is not monitored closely, it can result in big losses.
Automatic and automated forex systems allow you to profit from the volatility of the forex market without having to become an expert in forex trading. With automated trading and managed accounts, the trading program can execute your trades for you. These automatic and automated trading systems are simply tools that require very little knowledge of the currency exchange market. Reliable auto trading platforms do not require you to do the actual trading yourself. In fact, they move at "computer" speed which makes them the best forex traders in the market. They see and react instantly to new buying and selling opportunities.
Automated forex trading systems are so advanced that they also allow simultaneous trading in multiple currencies with multiple accounts. You can take advantage of multiple forex strategies with automatic and automated forex trading software as different systems are triggered by different trade indicators. This allows you to diversify your investment and your risk.
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Alison Wells is an avid Forex Trader who relies on automated Forex software trading systems to make winning trades. She has many years of foreign currency trading experience and writes frequently on Forex trading systems and self-adaptive trading software. She can be found at
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Currency Trading Tips - 3 Ways to Find a Good Forex Trading System

Whether you are new to forex trading or already is an experienced trader, it is important that you have a stable trading system. A lot of traders put their time into developing the exact entry and exit techniques for a trading system, wanting to enter a trend at the earliest part and get out of the market once there are signs of trend exhausting.

Thus, they often neglect other aspects such as risk to reward ratio, position sizing, money management etc. A forex trading tips for you: It's easy to create a trading system, but you will need a lot of effort to create a comprehensive and successful one. So where can you find a comprehensive forex trading system? There are basically 3 ways:

1. Buy A Trading System - You can find tons of forex products out there in the market for sale. But be careful, most are not original and are copied from other forex books, websites, forums etc. So before you buy, do a research online for the product that you are interested in.

Look for the reviews from the people who have bought the product and only consider forex products that gained good reviews. There are forex education and courses which mostly will include a trading system, which may be costly.

2. Create One Yourself Or Modify Other People's System - You need to have at least some experience in the forex market before you can create a forex trading system yourself. If you are using technical indicators as your trading system, you need to know exactly which indicators can be used together effectively.

Like I said earlier, it is quite easy to create a trading system, but to create that with a perfect combination of indicators need some knowledge. Well, I have created some trading systems myself and they work like fireworks.

If you never create a forex trading system before, what you can do is get someone else's system and modify it to your preference. Each and every one have their own preferences in their trading, so you may prefer trading by hourly while others prefer by 4 hourly or daily. Set your own sets of rules, e.g. stop loss, target profit, risk-to-reward ratio, when to take in trading signals and other stuffs.

3. Get A Free One - There are books, websites and forum where you can get some free trading systems. They are created by all sorts of people, including newbies in trading. Well, since it's free and the explanation might not be as detailed, you might have to try it out yourself for a period of time and see whether the systems are suitable for you.

The bottom line is, you might not want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy those forex courses and education at first, and you want someone or experts in trading to guide you. Fair enough, I came up with a FREE forex ebook to cater for all sorts of people, from beginners to advanced traders. It has most of the forex stuffs in there and of course come with a simple and time-tested trading system that is proven to make money in forex trading.

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